Lourdes Primary School
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School Surveys

Having completed our audit of 'Parents Views/Questionnaires', we as partners in the educational, emotional and spritual development of your child/ren, would like to share with you the collated results from Primary 2- 7.

Please click on the links below to access the results;


Whole school results - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/school.doc



Primary 2 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%202.doc

Primary 3 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%203.doc

Primary 4 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%204.doc

Primary 5 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%205.doc

Primary 6 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%206.doc

Primary 7 - Websites/SchPriLourdes/UserFiles/file/Primary%207.doc