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What is GIRFEC?

  • Getting it right for every child is a way of working which focuses on improving outcomes for all children by placing the child at the centre of thinking, planning and action
  • It affects all services that impact on children (i.e. adult services working with parents / carers)
  • It builds from universal services: moving crisis intervention to early intervention
  • It streamlines processes and uses ICT to support best practice on information sharing

The core components of Getting it right for every child

  • Improving outcomes for children
  • Common approach to gaining consent and sharing information where appropriate
  • Integral role for children
  • Co-ordinated and unified approach , based on the Well-being Indicators
  • Streamlined planning, assessment and decision making - the right help at the right time
  • Co-operation, joint working and communication
  • A Lead Professional to co-ordinate
  • Maximising the skilled workforce within universal services
  • A confident and competent workforce across all services
  • The capacity to share demographic, assessment, and planning information electronically

So what does this mean for children, young people and families?

Children will:

  • feel confident about the help they are getting
  • understand what is happening and why
  • have been listened to carefully
  • be appropriately involved
  • be able to rely on appropriate help and have a streamlined and co-ordinated response.

The GIRFEC approach comprises:

  • Core components
  • Principles and values
  • Common understanding
  • Shared language
  • Practice model (needs and strengths)
  • Well-being and well becoming